Video Server

Entering the world of professional media server solutions and projection mapping is now totally achievelable.

64-bit system for real-time mediaprocessing, compositing and management
Video technology to drive from a basic multidisplay show, a corporate event with presets and also live inputs or the perfectly synchronized playback of multiple 8K image sequences.

It ables you to manage all type of media on your timeline and play it on different displays, perfectly combined.

Video Server

If you looking for video technology to drive corporate events, concerts or live shows, to create stunning attractions for your clients who would like to present themselves in a themed environment, this is for you.
Video and Media Content Production

Native and Uncompressed Media Playback

Live Input/Camera/Presentation Signal Processing and Control

All the above and many more functions are present in our video server.

Video Mapping

It is a technological solution that allows you to design, adapt and customize any image on any object.
Although it has attracted greater attention in the projection on emblematic buildings and monuments, the truth is that this solution can be used on many different occasions, resulting in all of them with the dazzle of the audience.

But in all situations you'll need reliable equipment that offers you stability in all performances.
Such projection surfaces range from flat or curved screens to spheres or 3D models and fully irregular surfaces such as rocks.
Check it out some of the features: Warp and Map, Automatic Projector Setup, Screen Warping

XR Server

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term that encompasses all available technologies, both software and hardware based, that can be combined to extend or augment one's interactions with reality.

Building an impressive and fully immersive XR stage setup is without doubt a job for tech professionals, but it has never been easier to create inspiring live production environments with the potential to positively impact your particular audience.

DYNAMIC WORKFLOW, RENDERING POWER, intuitively understand the underlying software

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