Video Projectors

To choose a projector that meets your need, you should first keep in mind the content you want to present and the environment where it will take place. From there, you can research the projector that offers you the features that suits you better.

You’ll find inumerous options, from small training rooms to incredible projection mapping projects, that can offer you the best visual experiences.

Fixed Install

Based on the content and location to be projected, we can choose the best option suited to your needs, ensuring the best value for money.

Video Mapping

Unique canvasses, unforgettable experiences!
It is a technological solution that allows you to design, adapt and customize any image on any object through projection. From emblematic buildings and monuments, to runways or many other events, this technology has gained a multitude of fans.
However, the bottom line is having a reliable equipment that offers you stability in all performances.

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