EVENTS Online, Hybrid, Onsite

The world in wide awake to be together. Count us in to help you create, produce and run your events. From brainstorming to production, from audiovisual equipment to complete execution, we are the right partner.

Events are great opportunities either to straighten bonds within your company or to present your projects to your clients. Whatever your idea is, we are ready to make it happen.

Whether online, hybrid or onsite our teams may accompany the whole process from scratch.

Management and Technical Supervision

What can become extremely difficult when organizing an event is the coordination of all teams and perfect communication between areas. From image to audio, from production to logistics, from rentals to installation.

We have experienced and highly effective teams that can do all this for you, reducing stress at every step of production. Ensuring that what you envisioned will impress your audience.


Supported by vast experience we help our clients to create and customize your type of event, being responsible for all technical supervision and direction.

If virtual and hybrid it’s possible to create truly immersive networking experiences, feature your brand and measure performance.

If live, we can support you with every detail, not only with all AV Equipment (Audio, Video, Lighting, Online Platform) but also with booking artists, ticket office, catering, among many others.


We can provide a turn-key solution, overseeing all aspects of an event, from start to finish. From content creation to the moment of turning on the lights.

Streaming Platform

With a very intuitive and friendly interface, our streaming platform allows you to create and launch corporate branded online events for your company or to your clients. Including powerful tools such as registration, event information, attendance, Q&A with the possibility to adapt to your specific and unique event.

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