We are an international company that offers a global top-quality AV services and high skilled solutions to our clients, ensuring that all requests are fulfilled.

Passionate about technology and innovation, we have a very wide area of activity. Technical installations, television studios, systems integration, events production, live broadcasts and technical direction are just some of our services.
We became our clients first choice also for the effectiveness in the interconnection of all areas and the variety of solutions presented.

Our teams work side by side with project managers, engineers and users to create, develop and implement all your ideas. We also guarantee the entire distribution and implementation logistics of the project.

Efficiency and professionalism is our offer, whether your company is a Start-Up, SME’s or Multinational.


Commitment, Efficiency and Professionalism is what we believe in, valuing teamwork in the development of any project.

And as someone said, if we are what we repeatedly do, then excellence is not an action but a habit.

Why Gift Solutions?

Highly Qualified Solutions

We offer our clients custom made solutions. Combination of technology and creativity that allow you to create dynamic and immersive content that will impact the life of your company.

Client Centered

Our mission is completely customer focused, ensuring that all your needs are met.

A partner for the entire project

We guarantee the entire logistics chain – from creation, production, transport to the delivery of the final project.

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